Episode 7: Global Economist shares his career moves and how investing in your network helps grow your career. An Interview with Jim Coleman, Head of Economics at WSP

Whats the most important investment you make in growing your career?

In Episode 7 I interview Jim Coleman Head of Economics at WSP.

Jim is a specialist in the economics of cities: economic strategy, large-scale urban development projects, industrial development & clusters, and urban regeneration.

He has over 20 years of experience in economic competitiveness, labour markets, industry-sector development, FDI, business modelling and feasibility studies of major urban development schemes, ports, airports, urban technology & innovation districts.

He has extensive experience in the UK, Europe, USA, China, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. 

Jim brings the perspective of a leading Economist, a hiring manager and as a recent job seeker.

Jim argues that investing in your business network is the best way to grow your career!

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Tony Talbot

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