Episode 9: How does C-suite recruitment really work? Highly experienced PLC CEO explains exactly how his career developed and what’s important to him when he hires his c-suite team. An Interview with Mel Karam: CEO of Bristol Water PLC

Mel Karam is a very modest chap. Initially I had to work quite hard to convince him to do the podcast with me. I’m glad I did because I think its the best CareerMoveSECRETS Podcast to date. It’s packed with deep insights for exec level job seekers and the career minded.

Mel is the Chief Executive Officer at Bristol Water PLC. He is a really well known and well respected executive leader in the Infrastructure and Utilities sector.

As I suspected Mel’s career story is very interesting and he is extremely knowledgeable and insightful about how exec level recruitment really works.

He previously joined KPMG as a Partner (which is a rare achievement in itself) and was responsible for the development of their Global Asset Management Practice.

He has also held several Senior Executive positions in UK utilities including Thames Water, SSE, National Grid, British Gas.

Mel reveals the importance of investing in and leveraging your network and what’s important to him when he hires his c-suite team.

Mel is really honest and open, it’s rare to get such a candid insight to how c-level recruitment really works.

Essential listening!

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Tony Talbot

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