Episode 16: Have you got a personal brand? Could a personal brand help you attract and secure job opportunities? An Interview with Marianne Kilpatrick Founder at Keeos

Have you got a personal brand?

I argue that if you have a LinkedIn profile (and if you are reading this you do have one) that you have the basic starting point of a personal brand.

In Episode 16 I interview Marianne Kilpatrick.

Marianne (Mo) Kilpatrick is an award-winning leader with a 30 years background in consultancy and transport.

She is the founder of Keeos, a boutique management consultancy focusing on strategy, team performance and leadership coaching.

From 2015, she led the SNC-Lavalin Transport Advisory business, most recently integrating 4 different consulting teams into one SNC-Lavalin Atkins Transport Consulting & Advisory practice.

We talk about her career and her career moves along with her experience as a hiring manager.

We also talked about the idea of personal brand and how it can be used to attract relevant job opportunities, clients and potential candidates.

Do you think your personal brand is strong enough to attract relevant job opportunities?

If you are currently an active job seeker or your are thinking of making a career move in the next 12 months and you want to gain a competitive advantage in the job market sign up for my free masterclass using the buttons below and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Tony Talbot

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