Episode 5: Construction is a barometer of economic activity. How is COVID-19 effecting recruitment in the construction industry. An interview with Dylan Hall, Director of DCR International.

I interview an old friend from the world of recruitment. Dylan Hall has 18 years of executive search and selection experience in the global infrastructure construction market.

Dylan shares the current state of the market given COVID-19, the economic boost of HS2 and the new normal of Zoom interviews.

We discuss the best way to find a new role right now and we discuss the merits of online job applications, internal recruitment teams and the direct approach for getting in front of decision makers.

Once you gain an interview Dylan explains how rapport building at the personal level will determine your success.

If you are currently an active job seeker or your are thinking of making a career move in the next 12 months and you want to gain a competitive advantage in the job market sign up for my free masterclass using the buttons below and connect with me on LinkedIn.

Tony Talbot

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