Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired in the Hidden Job Market

Today's Advertised Job Market is BROKEN for senior candidates!  Your average odds when you apply to a job online are 250-1.  

In reality your Resume is highly unlikely to be read by a real human being as the ATS (applicant tracking system) is designed to filter out 80% of applicants.  Worse still many of the jobs online are FAKE, duplicates or filled by candidates from referrals and recruiters rather than job advert applicants.  

The truth is 80% of all hires are made in the Hidden Job Market (the jobs that are not advertised online or anywhere else).  

CareerMoveSECRETS helps executives to make their perfect career move to the next level without applying to oversubscribed online job adverts by giving them they keys to unlock their ideal opportunities in the hidden job market and the interview techniques to turn those opportunities into job offers.

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The TRUTH about YOUR Job Search

The Truth is Exec Job Hunting and interviewing is HARD.   Nobody really relishes the process and if you have not been active in the market for a while it's even harder.

Ideally you will only enter the job market every few years.  Consequently it's all new to you each time and it can be both daunting and stressful.  


After all, making the right career move is important so there's a lot at stake. 

You want to make a career move that takes you to the next level and closer to your long term career goals.

Get things right in your job search and you can move up the career ladder, enjoy more responsibility and earn what you are worth and deserve.

BUT it's highly competitive out there, what you don't know can hurt you badly and even the small mistakes you make can lead to you missing out on Opportunities, Interviews and Offers.

Looking for a new role is a job in itself with a steep learning curve AND it's a job that you have not been trained to do.  

If you follow the herds of job seekers onto the job boards and simply search, click & apply you will be competing with 250 other candidates for every application you make.  

  • Only 20% of those candidate CV/resumes will be read by a real human being, the other 80% will be filtered out by the ATS (Applicant Tracking Software).   
  • Only 2% of online job applicants will be called for an interview for the average online job opening.
  • Only 14.9% of all hires are made from a job board candidate.
  • The advertised job market is only the tip of the iceberg (20%), the hidden job market is where 80% of the jobs are filled each year.

You really need a much better job search strategy than simply searching, clicking & applying online like everyone else.  

You must gain access to the Hidden Job Market where the majority of the best senior roles are filled!

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Typical Online Job Search Frustrations!

If you swim with the crowd, using online job applications as your primary job search strategy there are the some real challenges and frustrations to overcome:

  • Struggling to Write a CV/Resume that actually works online
  • Constantly searching online but failing to find well fitting roles
  • Desperately applying to jobs when you are less than a 80% fit
  • Falling into the BLACKHOLE of online job applications
  • Getting little or no meaningful feedback
  • Competing with 250 other applicants as a 250/1 chance
  • Dealing with multiple recruiters who don't understand you
  • Screening Interviews with Recruiters that waste your time
  • Not really understanding what interviewers want from you
  • Not getting the job offers you want
  • Failing to Negotiate the job offer level you need 
  • Wasting your valuable time and effort on failed interview processes
  • Worrying about the success of your exec job search & Career
  • Feeling out of control, demoralised & at the mercy of others

Well it doesn't need to be this way!

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Who's behind CareerMoveSECRETS?

TONY TALBOT  // International Headhunter, Podcaster & Online Course Creator

I am an international headhunter with a recruitment career spanning over 20 years. 

During this time I have recruited for client companies across professional services, transport, energy, finance and technology, successfully completing senior level assignments in the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Germany and the Middle East.

I have also worked pro-actively with hundreds of elite level job seeking candidates, successfully marketing them within the hidden job market.

Now I am excited to be able to share my knowledge, experience and unique secret strategies with you through the full CareerMoveSECRETS training course.  

I believe it's Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Hired in the Hidden Job Market!

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Tony Talbot

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